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Data Set Type: EHD


Thomas, A., Chess, S., Lerner, R., Lerner, J.
Dodge, K. A., Muschkin, C. G.
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics


Early, D., Burchinal, M., Barbarin, O., Bryant, D., Chang, F., Clifford, R., Crawford, G., Weaver, W., Howes, C., Ritchie, S., Kraft-Sayre, M., Pianta, R., Barnett, W. S.
U. S. Department of Education
Costanzo, P. R.


Bryant, D., Wesley, P., Burchinal, P., Hegland, S., Hughes, K., Tout, K., Zaslow, M., Raikes, H., Torquati, J., Susman-Stillman, A., Howes, C., Jeon, H.-J.


Spillane, J., Peterson, P., Sherin, M., Konstantopoulos, S.


U. S. Department of Education
U. S. Department of Education


U. S. Department of Education
Terman, L. M., Sears, R. R., Cronbach, L., Sears, P. S., Hastorf, A.


Mortimer, J.T.
U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion