Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Attachment

Study Overview


Begun in 1964, the study provided a naturalistic longitudinal field examination of the development of infant-mother attachment throughout the infant's first year of life. The study also included a controlled laboratory session known as the "Strange Situation" for further exploration of infant attachment behavior.

The main purposes of the study were to (1) identify the various behaviors that may be classed together as attachment behavior and to trace their development; (2) describe how these behaviors become organized and focused on the mother figure, determining the nature of the infant's attachment to her; (3) describe individual differences in the development of attachment behavior and the organization of attachment; (4) ascertain how environmental influences, and in particular, the behavior of the mother figure, affect this development, (5) investigate the relationship between infant-mother attachment and other aspects of social and cognitive development.

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Sampling Procedures: 

Mothers of eligible infants were contacted through pediatricians in private practices, in most instances, during mother's pregnancy.

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