Principal Follow-Up Survey (PFS)

Study Overview


The Principal Follow-up Survey (PFS), first conducted in school year 2008-09, is a component of the 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS). NCES created the PFS in order to provide attrition rates for principals in K-12 public, private, and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools. The goal of the 2008-09 PFS was to assess how many principals in school year 2007-08 still worked as a principal in the same school in the 2008-09 school year, how many had moved to become a principal in another school, and how many had left the principalship altogether. Another goal was to measure, from those who left the principalship, what percentage retired or sought work in another occupational field.

Sampling Procedures: 

In the 2007-08 SASS, the principal of each sampled school was automatically selected. Altogether, 12,910 school principals were sampled (9,800 public, 180 BIE, and 2,940 private). The 2008-09 PFS sample included all principals who completed SASS interviews in eligible schools. A total of 9,480 schools were contacted for this survey (7,460 public, 130 BIE, and 1,890 private). Of these, 2,700 eligible schools were not included because the principal did not respond to the Principal Questionnaire during the 2007-08 SASS; 730 schools were deemed ineligible for 2007-08 SASS and not included in 2008-09 PFS.

Contact and Data Access

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